The company was established in 1941 as a railway carriage repair shop. Its activity included performing middle and general repairs of passenger and freight wagons with spacing of 760 mm and 1435 mm. The first production hall for repair and completion of wheel sets in Bulgaria was built in 1983. Up to the present moment KOLOWAG, former VRZ 99, AD – Septemvri is the only enterprise in the country for production of new wheel sets, and repair and revision of old wheel sets. After a successful privatization in 1999, the enterprise became a private venture. Until today all the shareholders work within the company.
THE PROGRESS of the company
  • Nowadays the company has grown to more than 1400 employees/ 120’000’000€ turnover/ 49 000 m2 production halls.
  • In 1999 the company had 230 employees,
    / 500 000 € turnover /8 000 m2 production halls.
Quality Policy
The management of the plant declares and follows a quality policy which enables reaching the best quality and satisfying the needs of the clients: always to provide products and services of high quality which meet all the requirements of the Client, as well as the legal and normative requirements; to correspondent fully to the needs and expectations of its clients through continuous perfecting the products and services. The Quality Policy of the company is based on keeping all international standards and normative documents regarding projecting processes, design, production, repair works and testing the respective product.The General Director bears the main responsibility for the Quality Management System effectiveness. It responds to the subject of activity of the company and includes measurable goals and tasks in connection with the quality in a strategic view – the ways for satisfying the requirements of the clients and their needs for manufacturing of quality products.
The Quality Policy gives directions for efficient and effective work of the plant by observing the engagements undertaken by the management. To improve the Quality Policy, the management is responsible for making and approving proposals regarding the continuous improvement of the adopted Quality Management System. The management is engaged and guarantees that every employee of the plant is made acquainted with the Quality Policy and realizes it through using means for internal communication and direct contact with the personnel. In such a way the effectiveness of all the decisions made is esteemed and practically the quality in all branches and processes is ensured. The General Director is responsible for the permanent compliance and fulfillment of the Quality Policy. On the basis of the internal quality audits and management views the compliance of the Quality Policy and the updating criteria are reported.